Homes for Dogs Project

by Sam Shalom

This year we are renewing our commitmentwith, including another Homes for Dogs National Pet Adoption Weekend! The date of this event will be announced later in the year.

This is a great (and EASY!) way for every Coldwell Banker company across the country to get involved in a community outreach project.

Americans love their dogs! More US Households have dogs than have children and people consider their dogs to be a part of the family. When you tie your business to an initiative that helps dogs in need, you can spark an emotional connection with your existing and potential client. Plus, much of the rental inventory is not pet-friendly, so the ability to have pets especially dogs is an obvious advantage to home ownership.

And the best part is, you dont have to be a pet adoption expert or even an expert event planner! The shelters in the network are experts at running adoption events. All you have to do is find a participating shelterin your area and reach out to find out how you can help them.


As the largest non-profit adoption website in North America, Adopt-a-Pet.comis a great partner for this program because of their nationwidenetwork ofmore than 15,000 shelters and rescue groups.

There are many ways to get involved. But make sure youre efforts count.Report any all dogs who are adopted directly because ofyour efforts by you held an adoption drive that helped shelter dogs get adopted, or you volunteered at a local shelter to help dogs find forever homes, report all adoptions on the Coldwell Banker Heroes page.


Find a local shelter through the homepage search tool (under the tab Shelters/Rescues). When youve found your a local shelter reach out to them to find out the best ways to help:

1.) Pet-Adoption Drive Every shelter is different, so discuss the options for hosting an adoption drive with your local shelter. Consider the following options:

  • Host a pet-adoption drive at your office
  • Sponsor and volunteer at the shelters upcoming drives
  • Turn an Open House into an adoption drive
    • Have a few dogs at an upcoming open house
    • Use the dual event to create publicity

2.) Volunteer Lend a helping paw for a great cause. Search for volunteer opportunities at a shelter near you thats part of the network.

SOCIAL PETworking:

Twitter a Critter likethe thousands of celebrities and others or share a pet photo on Facebook by following these 3easy steps:

  1. Search for a dog, cat, or other pet that needs a home
  2. Choose your favorite (if you can only choose one!)
  3. Then click the social media buttons to help the pet get seen and adopted!


Feature adoptable pets on your personal or business site using Adopt-a-Pet.coms simple (and adorable!) pet search widgets.


Get your own customized version of the Homes for Dogs commercial to use in your local market. There is a $500 fee associated with the creation of the custom ad; and you the ad can be used publicly through August 2016. Download the form to customize your video!

Get a branded flyer, the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project logo and the logo for use in your promotions on Coldwell Banker Works (search Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project).


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